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Redwire Magazine

Redwire is a media and arts organization dedicated to Native youth expression. Redwire Magazine published its first issue in April 1997 with the support of the Native Youth Movement (a grassroots Native youth group) and the Environmental Youth Alliance. Today Redwire distributes 11,000 copies across Canada, four times a year. Redwire is the first-ever Native youth run magazine in Canada, and is committed to operating with Native youth staff, writers, artists and publishers. Redwire's mandate is to provide Native youth with an uncensored forum for discussion, in order to help youth find their own voice. Redwire is by, for and about Native youth; all content, editorial decisions and associated media projects are initiated and led by youth, inspiring creativity, motivation and action.

Shameless Magazine

Shameless is Canada’s independent voice for smart, strong, sassy young women. It’s a fresh alternative to typical teen magazines, for girls who know there’s more to life than makeup and diet tips. Packed with articles about arts, culture and current events, Shameless reaches out to readers who are often ignored by mainstream media: freethinkers, queer youth, young women of colour, punk rockers, feminists, intellectuals, artists, activists — people just like you! We tackle teen life with wit and wisdom. Proudly independent, Shameless is a grassroots magazine produced by a team of volunteer staff members, with content guided by a teen advisory board.

Intercontinental Cry

Intercontinental Cry is a free online magazine that provides news, videos, and urgent action alerts centered on Indigenous People and their struggles around the world to reclaim their lands, defend their traditions, enact their rights, and to quite literally survive. The website is frequently updated with articles that you won’t find anywhere else, least of all in the corporate news. New videos are also added every Saturday, and a monthly news roundup called Underreported Indigenous Struggles is put together at the end of each month.



Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre

Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Center is a youth driven, not-for-profit organization located in the heart of Regent Park, Toronto. Regent Park Focus is motivated by the belief that community-based media can play a vital role in building and sustaining healthy communities and seeks to increase civic engagement and effect positive change through youth-led media productions. The program is aimed at culturally marginalized diverse youth living in and around the community. With free access to media technology, participants work collectively to explore issues and develop resources that contribute to the health of their community and address systemic barriers to equitable social participation.  To visit their blog, click here.

4Unity Productions

4UNITY is a youth-run media lab where young people from Parkdale, Toronto can tell their stories musically in their own way. By providing a space for young people to create what they want, a real learning happens that starts with self-discovery, builds life skills and leads to an understanding that we have more in common than we thought.



Racealicious: A Blog About the Intersection of Race and Pop Culture

Racialicious is a blog about the intersection of race and pop culture. Check out our daily updates on the latest celebrity gaffes, our no-holds-barred critique of questionable media representations, and of course, the inevitable Keanu Reeves newsflashes.

Blogs by Canadians of Colour and Racialized Canadians

While a high percentage of Canadians of colour and racialized Canadians use the internet (see: Facebook), the higher populations of Americans and whites on the English web make Canadians of colour both a national and racial minority. Canadians of colour and racialized Canadians have shared experiences as Canadians, shared experiences as racial or ethnic minorities, and a unique intersectional experience of being “visible minority”, indigenous, or racialized. Visit this webpage for a directory of blogs by Canadians of colour and racialized Canadians.